In indigenous cultures, it is believed that everything that is alive has a spirit and we live in partnership with the spirit that lives in all things. Land bears the imprint of both people and events that took place there. There may be misplaced energy left behind that continues a negative influence. This energy can be the spiritual cause of continued conflicts, disharmony, imbalance and even illness. By clearing and offering a blessing to the land, peace and harmony can be restored for both this generation and generations to come. In order to do this, one must connect with the Spirit of the Land. Nina Soaring Vulture will come to your land and perform this ceremony, inviting the Spirit to assist. This spirit will give insights into the energy and purpose of the land. Days ahead of time, Soaring Vulture will carefully prepare sacred fabric, called Chalimar, and tools to perform the blessing. Strips of this blessed fabric will be tied to a tree during the ceremony to help facilitate the blessing. As the Chalimar disintegrate, the blessed threads fall to the earth, continuing the blessing long after the ceremony.

Allow 2 Hours for your appointment.

Cost: 175 USD*